We’ve compiled a list of all of our most asked questions (and answers) below.


To replace any type of glass, we first need a measurement to work off

You can get an accurate reading by measuring the glass in the upper pane or lower pane. This can be done by laying the tape measure flat on the glass.

  • Stretch the tape measure across the glass until it touches the frame or molding.
  • Hold the tape measure where the glass meets the frame and stretch the tape measure to the width of your glass by measuring glass only.
  • Repeat this step and measure the height and call us with your measurements. Provide us with the width first in inches, and then the height in inches, making sure to measure the upper and lower windows spearately.
  • We can provide a free quote over the phone that’s 99% accurate.
  • To measure stationary fixed windows, follow the same procedure as above to measure the glass only.
  • To measure arched top windows and half circle windows, follow the same procedure and measure only the glass at the widest width and the tallest height.
  • If your home was built in the year 2002 – present, you may have low-E glass installed in your frames. To determine that you have low-E glass, stand in your yard outside and look up at your glass, and if the glass appears to have a slight tint, either green, gray, or royal blue, you probably have low-E glass.

If you are unsure if your window is fogged, you can call us at Quick Glass, and we’ll explain everything you need.